System: DnD5e

System: DnD5e

93. Rollenspieltreff (15.06.2024)

Spielleitung: Danny

Maximale Anzahl Spielende: 5

Einsteigendefreundlich? Ja

Charaktere vorhanden? Ja


Horde of the D̵r̵a̵g̵o̵n̵ ̵Q̵u̵e̵e̵n̵ Drag Queen
You are the Fabulous Five, the greatest and the most wholesome heroes of the F̵e̵y̵w̵i̵l̵d̵ Gaywild. Bards write songs about your adventures of fixing people’s lives with your expertise in fashion, culture, food, hairstyle and interior design. Hovever, it is a dark day in the realm of sunshine and rainbows. Just a week before the Pride Parade the A̵r̵c̵h̵f̵e̵y̵’̵s̵ Archgay magical insturment was stolen by the Drag Queen. The Archgay gives you a quest to retrieve the magic item before the Pride Parade and teach the Drag Queen a lesson.

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