System: DnD5e

System: DnD5e

82. Rollenspieltreff (15.07.2023)

Spielleitung: Allan

Maximale Anzahl Spielende: 5

Einsteigendenfreundlich? Ja

Charaktere Vorhanden? Ja


Game is in English.

The PCs find themselves in the city of Falsridge, which seems to be cursed. Some say its a sea monster, others have equally far-fetched explanations of the town’s woes. Will the PCs help the townsfolk with their problems, or just stay in the pub and get drunk?

Will attempt to do this in less than 4 hours.

Trigger warnings: If the players decide to leave the pub, they will discover monsters. While violence is not required to finish the adventure, it is D&D so it will probably will happen. The PCs investigations may reveal humanoid bodies and how they died that need to be described in order to get clues. Whether they leave the pub or not, there will be descriptions of people enjoying and abusing alcohol. There are rumours of the presence of horrible sea monsters eating innocent sailors & ship passengers, so that may come up. Or not.Sea Monsters aren’t real.

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